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Concept : Votre solution

vente hotel

La nouvelle solution pour vendre et acheter un hôtel ou un restaurant

Annonce offerte jusqu’au 30/09/2017 !

vente hotel

Why did we create this site?

The hotel-restaurant industry is a very specialized sector. We know that well; we’re hoteliers / restaurateurs ourselves.

The specificity of this field, the conversations we’ve had with our colleagues, and their difficulties selling their properties led us to the realization that, today, we don’t sell a hotel or a restaurant like we would sell a car or a house to an individual! Therefore, we created this site: : It’s easy!

vente hotel et vente restaurant directement entre acheteur et vendeur

  • A specialized site that only brings together hotels and restaurants for sale
  • A showcase site that reaches a vast number of people
  • A site that puts buyers and sellers of hotels and restaurants directly in contact with each other
  • Wide communication on the web and social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • No middleman
  • No commission
  • Our compensation: a subscription system for the seller who wants to publish their listing
  • It’s free for the buyer! : It’s serious

Our commitment

  • A very specialized and serious medium: we’re hoteliers and restaurateurs ourselves
  • You benefit from our networks
  • You save on agency commissions
  • You save money
  • You’re in control of the transaction
  • We guarantee extensive communication on the web and social media
  • We put you in touch with buyers of restaurants or hotels : The specialist site

vente hotel et restaurant à vendre

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